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CLO Media: Eliminating Information Overload in the Workplace

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Eliminating Information Overload in the Workplace

Ladan Nikravan
July 27 2011
CLO Media

Learning leaders should have a real, clear vision about what they want the business to achieve by prioritizing the most important work and information and developing employees who are best suited for certain tasks.

Information is no longer about facts and figures, it has become noise. Leaders are bombarded with so much data that they’re on information overload; their abilities to process information have passed limits and are now interfering with their ability to learn and grow themselves and their employees.

According to results from the LexisNexis 2010 “International Workplace Productivity Survey,” which surveyed 1,700 white collar workers in five countries — the U.S., China, South Africa, the U.K. and Australia — and asked them about their experience of, and attitudes toward, information in the workplace, information overload is a widespread and growing problem among professionals around the world.

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