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IT Tech News Daily: Tips on ‘Speaking IT’ to the Rest of the Company

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Tips on ‘Speaking IT’ to the Rest of the Company
Cynthia Bunting
IT TechNewsDaily Contributor
June 11 2011
Ever feel like you’re speaking another language at work? The fact is, you kind of are. While IT jargon might seem elementary to you, much of what you try to communicate to the rest of your organization gets lost somewhere between their in-box and their “to do” list.

Lots of technically oriented people tend to assume everyone speaks their language, but most non-IT workers don’t know what the heck you’re talking about, according to author Jonathan Spira.

Spira, CEO and chief analyst of Basex, a research firm focusing on issues companies face in the knowledge economyrecently wrote the book “Overload! How Too Much InformationIs Hazardous to Your Organization” (Wiley, May 2011). He tells IT TechNewsDaily how IT people can better communicate with everyone else in the company.

See full interview here.


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