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What did I miss…

By on July 19, 2011No Comment

What do I miss throughout the day?  To tell you the truth, I couldn’t begin to tell you. As an executive at a pharma company,  I’m bombarded by e-mails and instant messages all day.  Since part of my responsibilities include social media, that opens up yet another Pandora’s box of information overload as well.  And then there are texts and phone calls and cellphones… it never ends.

By the time the workday is over (which is usually when I am in bed reading e-mail on my smartphone), I have no idea if I missed anything important.  I care, of course, but the volume is such that it’s inevitable that I will miss a bunch of minor notes and hopefully nothing major.  I count on people to mark things important (!) if they are – but that’s wishful thinking I suppose.

This happens day in and day out.  And it’s not just me.  My friends and colleagues tell me similar stories (I should tell them to post them here I suppose but they are so overloaded they might not see my note).


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