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Hot Off The Press: Information Literacy to Quell Information Overload

By on December 28, 2011No Comment

Lucy Duhon from the Hot Off The Press blog referenced Ben Rossi, Basex analyst, in a post about information literacy.

Missed this piece.  But better late than never.

From a blog titled ‘Information Overload’  selling a book by the same name, here’s a nice little essay by Ben Rossi (a business analyst with an apparent academic interest) on why information literacy (and librarians) are (still) important in higher education.

Two words in this essay struck me.

One I hadn’t thought of in ages: ‘satisficing’ — as in, just barely satisfying requirements for an assignment — merely sufficing; the other a new one (for me), which I like very much:  ‘presearch‘ — the kind of “research” most librarians agree Wikipedia is OK for.  Wikipedia is the kind of resource that helps students initially chart out a path for an otherwise unknown topic.  A good starting point.

Full article available here.

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