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Financial Times:Fighting the Battle of the E-Mail Inbox

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Jonathan Spira was quoted on Janurary 9, 2012 by Beagan Wilcox Volz in the Financial Times:

There’s a huge incentive for firms to confront information overload: It’s costing them big. One major Fortune 500 company estimates that information overload impacts its bottom line by about $1 billion per year, according to Overload! How Too Much Information Is Hazardous to Your Organization, by Jonathan Spira, CEO of Basex, a research and advisory firm.

Some of that cost comes from lost hours spent slogging through e-mails. E-mail fries approximately 21 days per year for each employee, estimates Monica Seeley, an e-mail management expert at consulting firm Mesmo, and author of Brilliant Email.

“We have very bad habits — all of us — when it comes to e-mail,” says Spira, who notes, however, that e-mail is just the poster child for information overload, which also includes constant interruptions in the form of instant messages, inefficient data and information searches and firms expecting workers to ingest more data and information than is humanly possible…

Full article available here (subscription required).

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